in the books catelyn describes the blood that spatters on her face after summer rips bran’s attacker’s throat out as “warm rain”

that is so fucking metal and if u think catelyn tully is weak u are weak

Sheriff got jokes.


i don’t get how people say the 5sos boys look average like if that’s what the guys in yo neighborhood be lookin like find me a realtor and book me a plane ticket cuz i’m moving to wherever you live 


This sexual tension between Derek and Braeden got me like.


  • Derek: Looks good in leather, check.
  • Derek: Ability to sass Uncle Peter, check.
  • Derek: Could probably kick my ass, check.
  • Derek: Easy on the eyes, check.
  • Derek: dear god I might be in love


Remember when African ethnicities were mocked for stretching their earlobes and indigenous folks for “sticking shit” through their septums , but once such practices were adopted by industrial nations during the 80’s/90’s and white folks/White punks/White hipsters started to do it, it was all cool, unique, civil and “Original”?